The Life of Clothes


woman submerged in clothes

A site about the life of clothes?

Yes, clothes are a key component of our lives, we may ignore them or take them for granted, but there is no person who in the course of a lifetime does not have to deal with a number of clothing items. What is their history? Who designed them, who sewed them, what fabric are they made of, what impact do they have on the environment when they are produced, shipped, worn, washed, and then disposed of? And who wears them and why? How do they become part of our lives? How do we use them to define our identity, communicate a lifestyle, social position, artistic tastes, or perhaps membership in some niche subculture? Are they tools of fascination, seduction, exercise of power, or statements of creativity? We will try to investigate some of these aspects, curious to know something about the secret life of clothes.