How to wear blue, next season’s trend color, in a current and interesting way.

Blue is a color that draws strong sympathies and proud aversions to itself: a deep, aquatic, nocturnal, vibrant and meditative color, it runs the risk, however, of being cast aside as too formal, of calling to mind airline uniforms, clerical suits and bon ton suits.

This is probably why it had somewhat disappeared from the fashion trend radar for a few seasons, at best replaced by its denim variants. However, everything would indicate that we will soon witness a full-scale comeback, and blue promises to be the rising color among the 2024-2025 fashion trends, obviously declined in modern shapes, volumes and materials.

First and foremost is darkest blue wash denim, but don’t just think of jeans, darkest denim is suitable for adoption by traditionally more classic garments, such as the blazer, tailored pants, midi or maxi dress. That is, imagine in denim everything that was not in denim.

Blue will then be declined on garments with new, non-fitted, somewhat unstructured volumes, in association with black (Yves Saint Laurent teaches!) or gray, alongside chocolate or beige, with a white or burgundy accessory, juxtaposed with maxi silver or gold jewelry.

We can of course wear it in a monochrome look, or mix it with other colors, the important thing will be to give it an unexpected touch: by the volume of the garments, by their shape, by the combination of colors, by the material used or by the mix and match of styles.

The first suggestion, for those who want to update their style with this trend, is to search the closet to see if there is already some garment that is not only blue, but in terms of lines and cut is current. Then you can think about some accessories for the touch of blue, a stole (another big trend), a handbag, a hoodie or an oversize T-shirt. Denim is obviously always a good idea, as is a maxi coat with a somewhat masculine cut. Finally, for evening, we can evaluate smooth velvets and midnight blue sequins.

The following images are from the fashion shows for fall-winter 2024-2025, but there is nothing to stop us from anticipating the trend as early as this spring.