Grey will be the colour of autumn winter 2023/2024. Monochrome, in combination with neutral colours, or with contrasts, it was proposed on many catwalks for next season. Let’s take a look at the latest and newest ideas for wearing it.

Let us start by saying that grey is by no means a boring colour, on the contrary, it is a colour that comes in a thousand shades, from warmer shades tending towards taupe to cooler, almost blueish ones.

It can be very elegant, especially in bright fabrics such as silk or velvet, but it is also suitable for everyday life. It does not look out of place at work, in the gym, on an evening dress or at a wedding. It can be very light and dusty, sparkling in sequins, very dark in wool and cashmere, rough and understated in masculine fabrics such as Prince of Wales. As it is a neutral colour, it lends itself to being tonally combined with other neutral colours, such as white, black, cream, but is also perfect used in contrast with red, yellow or burgundy.

Grey on grey

The grey jumper in the non-oversized version (but not tight: too-righteous and tight-fitting garments immediately give a somewhat dated look, especially when worn by people who are not very young) will go well with loose trousers and white trainers. In its more unisex, loose-fitting version, the grey jumper can instead be teamed with another must-have of the coming season: the pencil skirt, preferably a midi skirt.

Grey jumper and loose trousers
Miu Miu grey sweatshirt
Miu Miu Autumn-Winter 2023-2024 fashion show.

Or you can opt for a sporty sweatshirt in melange fabric with a hood.

Goray outfit. Runway Officine Générale 2023-2024
Runway Officine Générale.

Grey also lends itself to overlapping games: a t-shirt or turtleneck to peek out from under a white shirt, a waistcoat to overlap a white t-shirt, a cardigan or blazer to put over shoulders… even a skirt to put over trousers.

Between black and white

Grey is obviously perfect to use in combination with white and/or black.

Grey jumper and white skirt Prada
Prada autumn-winter 2023-2024.

Modern used contrasting, masculine-feminine, rough-edged, basic-sophisticated. Miuccia Prada teaches.

Grey cardigan and socks

To modernise even shoes that are a little too feminine and dated, the grey men’s sock is an excellent idea, even with sandals and slingbacks, as well as loafers: comfortable, warm and absolutely trendy.

Grey socks and pointed moccasins
Grey checked coat

Grey with black is certainly a classic, even better if a touch of white pops up somewhere: it can be the collar of a t-shirt, a shirt poking out from under a jumper, or even an accessory (just one!), such as a white bag or shoes. Ideal for creating minimal and rigorous outfits.

Grey and black outfit The Row
Outfit The Row

Grey and silver

Less traditional and taken for granted is the combination with a touch of silver: it can be a pair of trousers, a sequined top, a metallic shoe, grey tones down and makes even the most glittery garments suitable for daytime.

Silver trousers and grey jacket
Sequined dress and grey jacket
Grey sweatshirt and sequined skirt

What colours to wear with grey?

If you don’t like black and white outfits, here are some ideas on how to match grey in autumn. As it is a neutral, it is very versatile in its combinations: elegant with white, sober with black or in various tone-on-tone shades, more formal with blue, feminine with pink and burgundy, striking with yellow or red, the latter of which – by the way – will be one of the big trends of the 2023-2024 season.

Grey suit and yellow belt
Grey hooded sweatshirt and red suit

What shoes to wear with grey?

Obviously, black shoes will go well with grey: boots, loafers, men’s lace-ups or ballet flats, depending on the length of the skirt or the hem of the trousers. But there are some combinations that will give the ensemble a particularly modern touch.

Grey trainers, for example.

New Balence grey

Or silver shoes: moccasin, boot, ballerina or slingback, they are everywhere this year and are a real passepartout, because you can wear them with any colour, but with grey they give a splendid tone-on-tone effect.

Silver slingback

White shoes: a touch of modernity.

Grey skirt and white origami shoes Prada

Prada’s Origami ballet flats are beautiful, but there is something for all tastes and pockets, preferably pointed, or with details such as laces, elastic bands or some other non-trivial detail.

White sebago moccasins

Loafers or white ankle boots are also perfect.